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We love technology and we thrive on being part of bringing new ideas and products to the world. We do so by being "hands on”, providing the development work force and technology guidance to ensure the potential becomes reality.

Project Rescue

Sometimes projects start off well, but end up limping along, never quite reaching the finish line. Hire us to breathe new life into your project and we'll race it through the finish line.

Interim CTO

Are you a startup who’s still looking for your technical executive, or a CEO between hires? We can fill the help fill the void. Let us function as your temporary CTO, helping you with both technical and strategic decisions while you focus on hiring our replacement.

Lean. Agile. Passionate.

You’ll be working with a team of experts selected specifically to meet the needs of your project. Together, we will work discover and work toward the optimal solution using proven techniques, best practices, and consistent and clear communication.

How we like to work:

  • Continuous delivery
  • Regularly communicating
  • At a sustainable pace
  • With clear objectives
  • Measuring progress
  • Constantly learning

"Pixelated was invaluable in helping us get our site to market. They have the ability to understand the broad strategy and vision then translate it into a working product. When they encounter details that may not work as intended they propose changes that consistently improve the final result."

Mark Calhoun, Co-Founder, PerfectCube

"From start to finish, Pixelated's guidance and advice on all things was spot on and invaluable. The finished product worked great and was completed in a surprisingly timely fashion."

– Scott R. Sharp, CFO, Pinsight Media

"Pixelated has made complex projects seem manageable. They do a great job of not only understanding client requirements, but then educating so that clients understand the solutions. They also always operate in an upfront and ethical manner, allowing clients to have faith in their answers and intentions."

Rick Reinard, Digital Analytics Team Lead, Analytics Pros

Engineered in Kansas City. Built for the world.

We build products through a process of fully researching the problem space, regular communications and collaboration, adapting quickly to change as guided by data, and continually releasing quality, working solutions.

You're unique and so is your idea. You deserve to work with a partner who recognizes that and treats your projects and ideas with the respect they deserve.

Let's make something great together