The High Cost of Technical Debt

Technical debt is costing your projects and company more than you realize. Like fiscal debt, technical debt can be paid down, and it's imperative that you do. There's more at stake than a little bit of low quality code.

Samuel Mullen-Mar 23, 2017

Embracing Change: Rails 5.1 Adopts Yarn, Webpack, and the JS Ecosystem

Many naysayers would have you believe Rails is dead. Don't believe the hype. With the coming of Rails 5.1 and its embrace of the JS ecosytem, Rails is solidifying its position as the king of web frameworks.

Samuel Mullen-Mar 16, 2017

Why You're Not Speaking at User Groups, and Why You Should

The easiest thing you can do to support your local user group is to present, so why don't you? More importantly, what are you missing out on by not speaking?

Samuel Mullen-Feb 15, 2017

Reduce Form Boilerplate with Rails' FormBuilder

Different frameworks impose different styles on forms, but they all end up requiring more boilerplate. You can either accept the pain boilerpating brings with it, or work around it. Creating your own FormBuilder is a simple way to do just that.

Samuel Mullen-Jan 20, 2017

"Legacy" isn't a Bad Word

There's a lot to hate about legacy code, but is it possible it's more good than bad? Find out what it is, why it's so hated, and how you can benefit from it.

Samuel Mullen-Dec 16, 2016

Your App Has Cancer

Cancer in software has many of the same characteristics as those in the human body: it steals resources from the body, grows at an alarming rate, and spreads. Know what symptoms to look for in your software, what damage in can lead to in your project and busienss, and learn how to fight it.

Samuel Mullen-Dec 4, 2016

Replacing the Rails Asset Pipeline with Webpack and Yarn

In this tutorial we look at how to completely replace the Rails Asset Pipeline with tools from the the Javascript ecosystem, Webpack and Yarn.

Samuel Mullen-Nov 15, 2016

Finding the "Next Occurrence" with SQL

Given a start date, an interval, and a frequency, how can you easily determine if a date is the next occurrence?

Samuel Mullen-Oct 31, 2016

An Introduction to ActionCable in Rails 5

An introduction to ActionCable with a focus on how things work rather than how to make them work.

Samuel Mullen-Sep 29, 2016

Delegation Patterns in Ruby

Reducing object bloat begins with doing less

Samuel Mullen-Sep 17, 2016