In programming, there is a term called “rubber duck debugging”. It’s the process of talking through a technical problem you’re experiencing. The recipient can be another person, or it could just as easily be a toy rubber duck. It’s the process of explaining it that’s the important part, because it’s usually during this that the developer discovers the solution on his or her own with no help from the listener.

Unfortunately, when your problems exceed your ability or expertise, rubber ducking can no longer provide the answer. In those cases you need your listener to provide insights from their knowledge, experience, and vantage point. You need a consultant.

When you hire Pixelated to consult on your project and business, you’re hiring professionals who have years of experience from a variety of industries and who bring that experience to bear in providing solutions. We aren’t satisfied merely playing the role of the rubber duck. We prefer to get our fingers dirty and solve problems.

Quit talking to rubber ducks. Reach out to us and get a solution.

Project Rescue


As with houses, software requires regular maintenance to keep it working at peak performance. When that maintenance doesn’t happen, software, like a house, falls into disrepair, and what once a source of pride becomes an embarrassing eyesore. Perhaps the neglect was the result of time or budget constraints, or maybe it was the experience of the development team, but regardless of the cause, you’re now stuck with a dead or dying project.

In the same way that houses can be renovated, software too can be repaired and given new life. When you hire us to resuscitate your project you can expect the following:

  • First, we’ll provide an in-depth analysis of the current state of your project and a plan for how we intend to refurbish it
  • Next we’ll begin laying a safety net of automated tests to ensure our changes don’t damage the software’s current function
  • Then we’ll begin seriously remodeling your software focusing on rearchitecting it for future features, improving performance, and all the while enabling your users to continue to use it
  • Finally, we’ll add a new coat of paint by improving both the design of the software and its usability

Few people look at at home renovations as just an expense, but rather as an opportunity to increase the value of the house and increase it’s lifespan. That’s the way we see project rescues, not as an expense, but as an opportunity to lengthen the lifespan of the software and increase the value it provides to the company.

We love project rescues. Let us help you bring new life and value to yours.

Interim CTO


Are you a startup who’s still looking for your technical executive, or a CEO between hires? We can fill the void. Let us function as your temporary CTO, helping you with technical and strategic decisions while you focus on hiring our replacement.

There are any number of reasons you might need an interim CTO. Startups and smaller businesses hire us to fill this position as they seek out their first technical exec, while other companies bring us on when they are between CTOs. In each scenario, our responsibility is the same: prepare the way for our replacement. To ensure your future CTO has a smooth and quick transition, we will:

  • Establish and refine software development processes
  • Hire necessary staff members focusing on ability and cultural fit
  • Manage staff and budgets
  • Procure software and services
  • Influence product, market, and technology strategy

Hiring the wrong person is costly, especially one as important as the CTO. When you bring in Pixelated as your temporary CTO, we’ll not only support you with both technical and strategic decisions, but give you the time you need to make the best choice in hiring our replacement.

Take the first step to find your next CTO today.

App Upgrades


Keeping software up to date is more than just giving your development staff something to do or lining the pockets of your vendor (ahem, that’d be us), it addresses three major issues:

  1. Security: With each new framework and library release comes added security. When software goes too long without upgrades, it becomes more and more vulnerable to security threats. It’s not a matter of “if”, but “when”.
  2. Maintainability: As technologies go in and out of style, those who are familiar with older versions become fewer and fewer. Keeping your apps up to date ensures you can always find developers to maintain your projects.
  3. Performance: When software is out of date, it often can’t take advantage of newer hardware performance gains. Keeping your software up-to-date, ensures your apps stay relevant in the modern world.

At Pixelated, we specialize in upgrading apps built on Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and iOS, and we have a network of skilled an experienced developers we can lean on for nearly every other language. We want to ensure the software that powers your business today, continues to power in the days to come.

Contact us today to schedule an evaluation of your current app.

Project Audit


Chances are you’re not a software developer, but you own or are responsible for a software project. Other than what you experience by using it, you really have no idea how well your project is built. Maybe the software is really well crafted or maybe it’s hanging together with shoestrings. Unless you’re a programmer how would you know?

We know code. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the vile. When you hire use to audit your project, we’ll provide you with:

  • An honest and objective analysis of your codebase
  • Actionable steps you can take which will yield the biggest results for your business
  • An in depth report everyone on your team can understand

Schedule your project audit today!