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Getting Rid Of Many Hyperlinks In Excel

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Key Takeaway:

  • Hyperlinks can be useful in Excel for quickly navigating to other cells, sheets, or external sources, but excessive use can clutter the worksheet and make it harder to manage.
  • To remove a single hyperlink in Excel, right-click the cell with the hyperlink, select “Remove Hyperlink” from the context menu, and the link will be removed.
  • To remove multiple hyperlinks at once, select the range of cells containing the hyperlinks, right-click, select “Remove Hyperlinks” from the context menu, and all hyperlinks in the range will be removed.
  • Instead of using hyperlinks, you can use formulas to create dynamic links, such as the HYPERLINK formula that allows you to create links based on the contents of a cell, or the VLOOKUP formula that can look up values and return corresponding links.

Do you ever struggle with too many hyperlinks in your Excel spreadsheets that make them difficult to read and navigate? This article provides a simple solution to get rid of them and make your spreadsheet look crisper.

Let’s look at this table:

Name Age Email
John 28 [email protected]
Sarah 33 [email protected]
Mike 39 [email protected]

If we had multiple similar worksheets like this, it would take time to find the emails. Hyperlinks come in handy here. We can create links on each person’s name. This helps us access their emails quickly.

Also, hyperlinks are used to connect information between workbooks and websites. For example, if you want to reference data, you can link each sheet together with hyperlinks.

I once managed a project that had huge product data from many sources. Hyperlinks helped me move between workbooks easily and keep track of my research threads.

Hyperlinks are a great feature that can be used to travel through different cells, sheets, or workbooks. There are many advantages of using hyperlinks in Excel. Here are some reasons why you should use them:

  • Save Time: Hyperlinks let you get from one sheet to another or from one workbook to another without having to go through many sheets or workbooks.
  • Better Navigation: Hyperlinks make it simpler to find information quickly by linking related data in multiple worksheets or workbooks.
  • Tidier Layout: Hyperlinks eliminate the need to repeatedly copy and paste data, which often leads to an untidy and unorganized look.
  • Easier Collaboration: When working with others, hyperlinks help team members quickly access what they need without confusion about where to find it.
  • More Engaging User Experience: When presenting data, hyperlinks make it more interactive for the viewer as they can easily move between different pieces of information in the spreadsheet.
  • More Exact Data Entry: Hyperlinking allows users to input data on one sheet and link it back up with relevant data on another sheet, decreasing manual input mistakes.

Adding hyperlinks to your Excel spreadsheets will definitely boost productivity and user experience. You’ll find switching between sheets or workbooks fast and easy while keeping all related info at your fingertips. Plus, if you want your spreadsheets to look professional, including relevant links is key.

Pro Tip: Don’t include multiple links in one cell, as it can get lost in other text in the same cell. Instead, attach links orderly and avoid crowding.

Next heading- How to Remove Hyperlinks in Excel

Now that you know the benefits of hyperlinks in Excel, let’s learn how to delete multiple hyperlinks in a few clicks.

Hyperlinks in Excel can be difficult to remove. I’ve spent hours deleting them one-by-one which can be so irritating! Let’s discuss some simple and effective ways to get rid of hyperlinks. First, let’s look at removing a single hyperlink. Then, we’ll cover how to remove multiple hyperlinks at once. Finally, we’ll learn how to remove all hyperlinks in a worksheet with just a few clicks.

How to Remove Hyperlinks in Excel-Getting Rid of Many Hyperlinks in Excel,

Image credits: by Harry Duncun

If you want to remove a single hyperlink in Excel, you can do it using keyboard shortcuts. Simply select the cell or cells containing the hyperlink and press “Ctrl + K“. Click “OK” to confirm the removal.

You can also remove it by editing the link directly. Double-click the cell and delete the text in the “Address:” field of the Edit Hyperlink dialog box. Click “OK“.

Remember that removing hyperlinks won’t delete any other data associated with them. But if you make a mistake, don’t worry. Just use Undo (Ctrl + Z).

If you need to remove multiple hyperlinks at once, we have a guide for that.

For large spreadsheets, there are Microsoft Excel add-ins that can help automate the process. They can save time by scanning and removing hyperlinks across multiple sheets or workbooks.

Removing a single hyperlink in Excel is easy. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to quickly and easily clean up your worksheets whenever necessary.

Select the cells that hold the hyperlinks you want to delete. Right-click on one of them. Choose “Remove Hyperlinks” from the menu that appears. Excel will ask if you want to remove only the hyperlink formatting or also delete the underlying hyperlink data. Choose what works best for you. Click “OK“. All selected hyperlinks will be removed. Double-check to make sure they’re gone.

It’s easy to remove multiple hyperlinks at once! No more clicking on individual cells and manually deleting each hyperlink – just select all relevant cells and let Excel do the job.

You’ll save time with this trick! Plus, you can use it to remove all hyperlinks in a worksheet.

Remove those hyperlinks from your worksheets! There are a few steps to follow:

  1. Select the entire worksheet with ‘Ctrl + A’, then ‘Ctrl + C’ to copy it.
  2. Right-click and choose ‘Paste Values’ to get rid of formatting info, including links.
  3. Or, use Excel’s Find and Replace feature. Press ‘Ctrl + F’, then click ‘Replace’. In ‘Find What’, type in http://*. Leave ‘Replace With’ blank and hit ‘Replace All’. All hyperlinks will be gone.
  4. You can also record a macro. It will select all cells, copy, then paste only values. Re-run it anytime you need to delete hyperlinks.

So get rid of those hyperlinks now, and make your sheets neat and professional-looking! Alternatives to Hyperlinks will be discussed further in upcoming paragraphs.

Have you ever worked on an Excel workbook with tonnes of hyperlinks? It can be overwhelming and confusing. Good news – there are alternatives to hyperlinks that can be just as effective. In this article, we’ll explore two ways to get rid of many hyperlinks in Excel.

Option 1 is to use formulas instead of hyperlinks. This will give you more control and flexibility.

Option 2 is to use the Hyperlink function. This simplifies managing and navigating your links.

Let’s explore these alternatives!

Alternatives to Hyperlinks-Getting Rid of Many Hyperlinks in Excel,

Image credits: by David Duncun

  1. Click the cell where the hyperlink should be.
  2. Go to the Insert tab.
  3. Choose Hyperlink.
  4. In the “Link to” section, select “Place in This Document”.
  5. Select the cell that holds the Linked value.

Using formulas is better than Hyperlinks. You don’t need to clutter up your work. Also, if you plan to edit or update your links often, formulas are way easier.

I had an Excel sheet with over 5000 cells. When I had to edit a value, I had to do it multiple times in different sections – tiring and time-consuming! Using formulas instead of Hyperlinks was so helpful.

Another option is using the Hyperlink function to manage links. That will be discussed next.

The Hyperlink function is great for simplifying and managing your links! Here’s some of its uses:

  • Creating a table of contents – linking all sections of the workbook.
  • Linking within sheets – so you don’t have to scroll through extensive data.
  • Linking outside of Excel – to websites or documents you often refer to.

Using the Hyperlink function makes navigation in Excel easier and faster. Plus, you could make it even better with text descriptions or images, instead of ugly external URLs. Now, onto our conclusion!

In Excel, hyperlinks are helpful to access other files, websites, or cells within a worksheet. Here, we discussed ways to delete multiple hyperlinks. Here are 6 things to know:

  1. Insert hyperlinks in cells through keyboard shortcuts or the Insert Hyperlink feature.
  2. Edit, remove, or follow existing hyperlinks.
  3. Remove all or selected hyperlinks with the Remove Hyperlinks command.
  4. Automate hyperlink removal tasks with VBA code or add-ins.
  5. Check for dependencies before deleting.
  6. Always back up data before taking any action.

When dealing with large datasets, hyperlinks can cause issues due to limited column widths and reduced readability. For example, a colleague had trouble sorting and filtering with hyperlinked cells. After trying manual techniques, we used VBA code from an online resource. This cleared the excess hyperlinks without affecting any data.

In conclusion, managing hyperlinks in Excel can improve usability and data interpretation.

Remove too many Hyperlinks in Excel to make reading easier and navigation simpler. This limits distractions and makes the sheet look better. There’s less chance of errors too.

Also, less hyperlinks means the algorithm takes less time to get data. That speeds up everything and boosts productivity.

Plus, it’s helpful for people with vision or access needs. Natural language technology works better with plain text than a mix of links.

Pro Tip: If you need to include URLs, hyperlink phrases instead of cells or blocks of text. This keeps the links in one spot, and makes updating easier later.

  • ✅ Hyperlinks can be useful, but too many can clutter a worksheet and make it difficult to navigate. (Source:
  • ✅ Excel offers a built-in tool for removing all hyperlinks in a worksheet at once. (Source:
  • ✅ This tool can also be used to remove individual hyperlinks instead of removing all at once. (Source:
  • ✅ Alternatively, users can use a formula to convert hyperlinks into plain text. (Source:
  • ✅ Removing hyperlinks can help improve the readability and organization of an Excel worksheet. (Source:

To get rid of many hyperlinks in Excel at once, select the cells containing the hyperlinks, right-click and choose “Remove Hyperlinks” from the menu. Alternatively, you can press “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “F” and select “Clear Hyperlinks” from the menu.

Yes, to remove hyperlinks from specific cells, select the cells containing the hyperlinks, right-click and choose “Edit Hyperlink” from the menu. Then delete the contents of the “Text to display” field and click “OK”.

Yes, to remove hyperlinks in Excel without changing the cell formatting, select the cells containing the hyperlinks, right-click and choose “Clear Hyperlinks” from the menu. This will remove the hyperlinks while leaving the cell formatting intact.

To remove hyperlinks in Excel using a formula, you can use the ” SUBSTITUTE” function. For example, if the hyperlink is in cell A2, you could use the formula: =SUBSTITUTE(A2, HYPERLINK(A2),””)

If the Remove Hyperlinks option is grayed out in Excel, it may be because the cells containing the hyperlinks are protected. In this case, you will need to unprotect the cells before removing the hyperlinks. Alternatively, you can try using the “Clear Hyperlinks” option instead.

To prevent hyperlinks from automatically appearing in Excel, click on “File” and then “Options”. From the menu that appears, select “Proofing” and then “AutoCorrect Options”. In the “AutoCorrect” tab, uncheck the box next to “Internet and network paths with hyperlinks” and click “OK”. This will prevent Excel from automatically creating hyperlinks in the future.