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How To Insert A Comment With A Shortcut In Excel

Key Takeaway:

  • Adding comments in Excel is an important tool for documenting and communicating information about cells or ranges of cells in a spreadsheet.
  • Using the “Insert Comment” shortcut in Excel (Shift+F2) is the quickest and most convenient way to add comments to cells.
  • Formatting options such as adjusting the size of the comment box, changing the color of the comment box, and changing the font size of the comment, can be used to customize and make comments stand out, making them easier to read and understand.

Do “you” want to know how to quickly insert comments in Excel? This article will teach you how to do so with a shortcut, saving you time when working with spreadsheets. With this easy guide, you can easily add comments to your work to keep track of your progress.

Importance of Adding Comments in Excel

Adding comments in Excel is a must. It provides context, clarity and reduces errors. Without comments, a task can become overwhelming. Let’s look at why.

  1. Comments clarify confusing data.
  2. They provide extra info about the data.
  3. They ensure details don’t get lost.
  4. They serve as reminders.
  5. They help reviewers and auditors.
  6. They help identify inputs.

Blank space without notes can be confusing. Adding comments simplifies discussions. Don’t let ignorance drag you down. Use this great feature!

Maximise your efficiency with shortcuts. Adding comments with a shortcut is faster than manual methods. Improve navigational ease and streamline your workload. Show “comment” via keystroke combinations.

Adding Comments with a Shortcut

Excel users are always searching for ways to speed up their workflow and become more productive. I found a great shortcut for adding comments to spreadsheets – “Insert Comment” – that saves time and is a breeze to use. Let’s dive in and explore the perks of this shortcut. From choosing a cell to type in the comment, to actually typing the comment in the box, this quick and easy method can improve your commenting process, and ultimately maximize your efficiency with Excel.

Adding Comments with a Shortcut-How to Insert a Comment with a Shortcut in Excel,

Image credits: by Adam Jones

Identifying the Target Cell for the Comment


  1. Click the “Review” tab at the top.
  2. Find the “New Comment” option.
  3. A textbox will appear next to the cell.
  4. Type in a comment.
  5. Customize it further: click borders, choose formatting, and resize.
  6. Right-click for editing or deleting.
  7. Fun fact: Excel assigns different colours to authors who comment in shared workbooks.

Let’s now learn about shortcuts for inserting comments.

Using the “Insert Comment” Shortcut

To use the shortcut, select the cell you want to comment on. Then press Shift+F2. A comment box will appear, type your comment. Click outside of the box or press Esc to close it. Your comment will be shown as a small red triangle in the cell’s corner.

Using this can save time, especially with spreadsheets that require lots of comments. If you often add comments and don’t want to use the mouse, try the “Insert Comment” Shortcut. This will help improve productivity, making it easier for others to understand and work with your spreadsheets.

To type comments directly in the comment box, use your keyboard.

Typing the Comment in the Box

To add a comment in Excel with a shortcut, type the comment directly into the comment box. Here’s how:

  1. Select the cell
  2. Right-click and “Insert Comment” or press Shift + F2
  3. Type your comment
  4. Click outside the box to save

To view the comment, hover mouse over the cell with the indicator.

Make sure the comment is clear and concise. Proofread it for errors before saving. Don’t forget to click outside the comment box, as comments don’t save until then.

Comments can help people understand your thought process, provide insight into calculations/formulas, and help address any questions/concerns quickly. Use this useful tool for collaboration – start adding comments with a shortcut today!

Next: Formatting Comments.

Formatting the Comments

Greetings, Excel lovers! We all know that inserting comments into an Excel sheet can be a pain. Thankfully, there are some useful shortcuts! In this section, we’ll focus on formatting Excel comments. I’ll show you three topics:

  1. How to adjust the size of the comment box
  2. Change the color of the comment box
  3. Change the font size of the comment

These abilities are essential for making a professional-grade Excel spreadsheet. Let’s get started!

Formatting the Comments-How to Insert a Comment with a Shortcut in Excel,

Image credits: by David Jones

Adjusting the Size of the Comment Box

To adjust the size of a comment box, four steps are required:

  1. Click the cell that has the comment you want to resize.
  2. Right-click the red triangle at the top right corner of the cell and select “edit comment.”
  3. Hover your mouse over any edge or corner of the comment box until it turns into a double-headed arrow.
  4. Drag any edge or corner inward or outward to adjust size.

Readability should remain intact. Too small or too large could be a problem.

Adjusting the size of comment boxes is easy. You can adjust them to your preferences. Comments are an efficient way for Excel users to leave notes. Knowing how to format them is key to better organization and productivity. Changing the comment box color is another formatting option. We will explore how to do this in the next steps.

Changing the Color of the Comment Box

You can easily edit the color of a comment box in Excel to make it stand out or blend in. Choose different colors for urgent comments or resolved issues. Customizing your comment boxes allows them to be more visually appealing and useful. Don’t miss out on this easy formatting option – do it today!

Next is changing the font size of the comment box. Select the cell with the comment box. Right-click, select “Format Comment.” In the “Format Comment” dialog box, select “Colors and Lines.” Pick your desired color under “Fill Color” and click “OK.”

Changing the Font Size of the Comment

Do you want to change font size for a comment in Excel? Here’s how:

  1. Right-click on the cell containing the comment then select “Show/Hide Comments” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Hover your cursor over the border of the comment box until it turns into a double-arrow. Click and drag to change its dimensions.
  3. Right-click again while still hovering over the border and select “Format Comment”. In the dialog box, click the “Font” tab and adjust the font size as needed.
  4. If you want to format multiple comments at once, hold down ALT while adjusting any one of them – this will update all the others automatically.

That’s it! Tune in next time to learn how to edit and delete comments!

Editing and Deleting Comments

Microsoft Excel has a great feature for collaboration and organization: inserting comments. But, it’s also important to know how to edit and delete them. In this article, we’ll learn two ways to manipulate comments in Excel. We’ll modify an existing comment and learn how to remove a comment. After this section, you’ll know how to make your comments work for you in Excel. Let’s get started!

Editing and Deleting Comments-How to Insert a Comment with a Shortcut in Excel,

Image credits: by James Washington

Modifying an Existing Comment

Edit your comments! Need to update them? No problem. Select the cell with the comment you want to modify, right-click and select “Edit Comment”. Make changes in the box that appears. Alternatively, click on it and type. Click away from the comment to save changes.

Editing comments is a breeze – it can help make your Excel spreadsheets more organized and effective. And if your original comment had any errors? Simply modify it instead of creating a new one – it’ll save you time. I once made a numerical mistake in my spreadsheet comments. Thankfully, I was able to quickly fix it.

Removing a Comment is easy too. It can provide clarity and organization within your data.

Removing a Comment

Removing a comment in Excel is quick and easy. Activate the worksheet with the comment you want to remove, click on the cell to highlight it. Then, right-click and select “Delete Comment” from the drop-down menu that appears. Alternatively, click “Review” in the menu, then select “Delete” under “Comments”.

Hold down the Ctrl key if you need to delete multiple comments. Then right-click and choose “Delete Comment” or use the “Delete” option under “Comments”. Remember, once deleted, the comment can’t be retrieved. So double-check before deleting anything important.

My experience taught me to always double-check before removing comments. Here are some handy shortcuts for working with them efficiently:

Shortcuts for Working with Comments

Those who use Excel daily know how helpful keyboard shortcuts can be. Clicking to find and select comments can consume time. Thus, it’s essential to enable the shortcuts for comments. Here are three that can boost productivity and efficiency: “Show/Hide Comment“, “Edit Comment“, and “Delete Comment“. Utilizing them can create a smoother workflow.

Shortcuts for Working with Comments-How to Insert a Comment with a Shortcut in Excel,

Image credits: by Adam Arnold

Utilizing the “Show / Hide Comment” Shortcut

Tired of losing track of all that data? Here’s how to use the “Show/Hide Comment” shortcut in 6 easy steps:

  1. Pick the cell with the comment.
  2. Press Shift + F2 to open the Edit Comment dialog box.
  3. Use Ctrl + Tab to switch to the “Properties” tab.
  4. Tick or untick the “Display comment indicator only” box, depending on whether you want the comment visible or not.
  5. Push OK to save and close the dialog box.
  6. Press Shift + F2 again to toggle between hiding and showing the comment.

Don’t miss out on important insight! Utilize this shortcut to stay organized and efficient.

Next up – edit comments quickly with the “Edit Comment” shortcut.

Using the “Edit Comment” Shortcut


Select the cell with the comment you’d like to edit. Press Shift+F2. The “Edit Comment” window will appear. Make any changes needed. After editing, click outside the window or press Esc to close it. Your edited comment will now be visible.

Using this shortcut can save time and make commenting in Excel more efficient. It works only if a comment is already inserted in the cell, not for inserting new ones. But, other shortcuts exist for quick comment insertion, such as Ctrl+Shift+N.

Microsoft’s study shows that keyboard shortcuts can save up to 8 workdays per year, so mastering shortcuts like “Edit Comment” can be helpful for increasing productivity and streamlining your Excel workflow.

Employing the “Delete Comment” Shortcut

Mary wanted to use the “Delete Comment” shortcut in Excel. It helps to quickly delete a comment from a cell and can save time when there are multiple comments on multiple cells. Here’s how:

  1. Select the cell with the comment to delete.
  2. Press Shift + F10.
  3. Use arrow keys to navigate to ‘Delete Comment‘ then press Enter.
  4. The comment is removed without any confirmation.
  5. If wrong comment was deleted, press Ctrl Z to undo.

Using this shortcut speeds up workflow, saving time. It’s a great way to work productively in Excel.

Mary needed to delete over 200 comments in her Excel sheet for an important meeting at work. She found the “Delete Comment” shortcut in Excel’s documentation and it helped her stay productive throughout her project.

Five Facts About How to Insert a Comment with a Shortcut in Excel:

  • ✅ A comment can be inserted in Excel using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + O. (Source: Excel Tips and Tricks)
  • ✅ Using the shortcut Shift + F2 allows users to edit or delete comments in Excel. (Source: Excel Campus)
  • ✅ Comments in Excel can be resized by clicking and dragging the border of the comment box. (Source: Excel Easy)
  • ✅ Comments can be formatted with specific fonts, colors, and borders in Excel. (Source: Excel Gorilla)
  • ✅ Comments in Excel can be used to provide additional information or context to data in a cell, making it easier to understand and analyze. (Source: Exceljet)

FAQs about How To Insert A Comment With A Shortcut In Excel

Q: What is the shortcut to insert a comment in Excel?

A: The shortcut to insert a comment in Excel is Shift + F2.

Q: How do I select the cell where I want to insert the comment?

A: First, select the cell where you want to insert the comment. Then, press Shift + F2 to insert the comment.

Q: How do I edit or delete a comment that I have inserted with the shortcut?

A: To edit a comment, click on the cell with the comment and press Shift + F2 to open the comment box. Make your changes and then click outside of the comment box to close it. To delete a comment, click on the cell with the comment and press Delete.

Q: Can I customize the shortcut to insert a comment in Excel?

A: Yes, you can customize the shortcut to insert a comment by going to File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Keyboard Shortcuts. In the Categories box, select All Commands. In the Commands box, select InsertComment. Then, select the cell where you want to insert the comment and press the new shortcut key combination that you want to use.

Q: Can I format the text in a comment?

A: Yes, you can format the text in a comment using the formatting options in the comment box. Simply select the text that you want to format and then click on the desired formatting option, such as bold or italic.

Q: Can I add an image to a comment in Excel?

A: No, you cannot add an image to a comment in Excel. However, you can add a hyperlink to a comment that links to an image or other file. To do this, select the text that you want to turn into a link, right-click, and choose Hyperlink. Then, enter the URL or path to the file that you want to link to.