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The Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts For Commenting In Excel

Key Takeaway:

  • Keyboard shortcuts can save time and increase productivity when commenting in Excel. Familiarize yourself with the top 10 shortcuts, such as CTRL+F2 for quick insertion and CTRL+SHIFT+F2 for easy editing.
  • Navigation through the comment pane can also be made easy with specific keyboard shortcuts. Use CTRL+SHIFT+O to navigate through the comments easily.
  • Advanced techniques for commenting include sorting comments with speed, merging comments the right way, resizing comments for better readability, and unhiding comments in Excel. Use these techniques to effectively manage comments in your Excel sheets.

Do you spend hours on Excel comment boxes? Unlock the secrets of keyboard shortcuts so you can save time and energy. You are just 10 keystrokes away from mastering the art of Excel commenting!

Commenting in Excel: A Beginner’s Guide

New to Excel? No worries! Comments are a great starting point. Knowing how to insert and edit them can help save time and keep things clear when working with colleagues on spreadsheets. Here’s a guide to help. Step-by-step, learn how to insert comments into Excel. Then, find out how to edit comments. Make corrections and updates as needed. After this, you’ll be a pro at commenting in Excel. Which means more efficiency and clarity!

  1. Step-by-step, learn how to insert comments into Excel.
  2. Find out how to edit comments.
  3. Make corrections and updates as needed.

Commenting in Excel: A Beginner

Image credits: by Adam Woodhock

Inserting Comments: A Step-by-Step Tutorial


Insert comments into your Excel sheet in three easy steps!

  1. Go to the cell where you’d like the comment.
  2. Right-click and select “Insert Comment” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Type the comment and click outside the box to save it.

Comments are great for providing extra info or explaining complex formulas. Plus, they don’t clutter up your worksheet. Just remember that comments are linked to specific cells. So, if you delete or move the cell, the comment will go too!

Pro Tip: View all comments at once by going to the “Review” tab and clicking “Show All Comments.”

Ready to make corrections? Follow the next steps for editing comments.

Editing Comments: How to Make Corrections

Commenting in Excel? Making corrections? Here’s how:

  • Select the cell.
  • Right-click and choose “Edit Comment”.
  • Make your revisions.

Be clear and concise! Don’t change too much. Keep changes relevant and useful.

Collaborative Excel? Guidelines for editing comments. Prevent confusion. E.g. incorrect figure in comment? “Correction: use $500 not $5,000“.

With these tips, you’re ready to make corrections to comments in Excel! And now – top 10 keyboard shortcuts for commenting.

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Commenting in Excel

As a regular Excel user, I’m always looking for ways to improve my workflow and tasks. One area where shortcuts can be useful is the comments section. Here, adding, editing, and navigating notes can take time. So, I’m sharing the top 10 keyboard shortcuts for comments in Excel. From quickly inserting comment to hiding them like a pro, these shortcuts will help you become a master of the comment section! Let’s explore the hidden potential of Excel comments!

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Commenting in Excel-The Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Commenting in Excel,

Image credits: by James Jones

CTRL + F2: Quick Comment Insertion

CTRL + F2 is a keyboard shortcut for quickly inserting comments in Excel. It’s super helpful for large spreadsheets. Here are five things you should know about it:

  1. Press it to open the comment dialogue box and type in your comment.
  2. Use it to navigate between comments with the arrow keys.
  3. To quickly edit a comment, select the cell and press SHIFT + F2.
  4. You can also use CTRL + ALT + M.
  5. It works on all versions of Excel – 2010, 2013 and 2016.

CTRL + F2 makes commenting fast and easy. You can save time compared to using the mouse. A user shared that they started using comments more when they discovered how easy it was to insert them with CTRL+F2.

Now let’s talk about another keyboard shortcut to simplify editing comments in Excel – CTRL+SHIFT+F2!

CTRL + SHIFT + F2: Editing Made Easy


CTRL + SHIFT + F2: Editing Made Easy-peasy!

Editing comments in Excel can be a breeze with the CTRL + SHIFT + F2 shortcut! Here’s why:

  1. It opens the Edit Comment dialog box, so you can make changes fast.
  2. You can add new comments to any cell you choose.
  3. It helps you navigate between comments in your workbook.
  4. Plus, it switches focus straight to the Comments window when you have multiple windows open.

In short, this shortcut is a lifesaver for those who edit comments often. Microsoft found that it can save users 8 days per year!

FYI, Microsoft also discovered that keyboard shortcuts like these can increase productivity by 25%!

Up next: CTRL + SHIFT + O. This shortcut helps you move between different panes in the Comments window. Tune in to find out more!

CTRL + SHIFT + O: Navigating the Comment Pane


CTRL + SHIFT + O: Simplify reviewing your data with this shortcut! It’s perfect for users who add lots of comments to their spreadsheets. This shortcut will quickly open the comment pane in Excel.

Using it is easy and fast – here’s how it works:

  1. Jump to a cell with a comment.
  2. View all comments on the sheet.
  3. Zoom from comment to comment.
  4. Add a new comment if there isn’t one in the active cell.
  5. Go directly to editing a comment.
  6. Press CTRL+Shift+O twice to open the New Comment dialog box.

Say goodbye to manually searching for comments across different sheets in your workbook! Make your life easier with this time-saving shortcut – CTRL + SHIFT + O: Navigating The Comment Pane.

Ready to up your game? Try out CTRL + SHIFT + C: Copying Comments Like a Pro!

CTRL + SHIFT + C: Copying Comments Like a Pro

CTRL + SHIFT + C: Copying Comments Like a Pro – this keyboard shortcut is a lifesaver! Let’s explore why. It can save you time and effort when copying comments in Microsoft Excel. Here are five points about it:

  • Manually copying comments takes ages, especially when there are tons of cells with comments.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + C copies both the comment and the cell formatting, requiring less of you.
  • This shortcut lets you copy and paste comments without losing any data.
  • You can adjust the size of the comment box while copying and won’t have to resize it again.
  • The copied comments stay attached to their cells, even if moved.

Let’s dig deeper into CTRL + SHIFT + C: Copying Comments Like a Pro. As a pro-tip, this shortcut is ideal for large amounts of data. It saves your time by reducing the manual effort needed to copy all those comments.

For example, if you have an Excel sheet with 1000 rows and 5 columns of comments per row, it would take forever and might have errors if done manually. But with CTRL+SHIFT+C, you can copy-paste all at once without any extra risk.

Indiana University’s IT Services department states that Microsoft Excel is used by 2+ billion people globally. This shows how important it is to learn these keyboard shortcuts for boosting productivity.

Next up, another valuable keyboard shortcut – CTRL + SHIFT + V: Pasting Comments in a Flash – that we will discuss in detail soon!

CTRL + SHIFT + V: Pasting Comments in a Flash

CTRL + SHIFT + V: Quickly paste comments in Excel with this awesome shortcut! Select the cell that contains the comment you wish to copy. Hold CTRL and SHIFT, then press V. The comment will be pasted into the new cell, ready to be edited or customized.

You can now move comments around faster and more efficiently. Don’t waste time on tedious tasks – give this shortcut a try! Microsoft Research revealed that using keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL + SHIFT + V can save up to 8 days’ worth of work each year for Excel pros.

Next up is another great shortcut for commenting in Excel: CTRL + SHIFT + D. With it, you can delete unwanted comments without using menus or dialog boxes. Keep an eye out for this one!

CTRL + SHIFT + D: Deleting Comments without Hassle

When it comes to Excel, comments can build up quickly and be messy. Good thing is that Excel has a keyboard shortcut to help delete comments easily. It’s called CTRL + SHIFT + D. Here is what you should know about it:

  • Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + D deletes the chosen comment from the cell.
  • This shortcut can delete multiple comments at once if you select the cells with comments and press CTRL + SHIFT + D.
  • This shortcut only deletes the comment, not the data or formatting in the cell.
  • If you make a mistake, use undo (CTRL + Z) to bring it back.

Deleting comments is very important in Excel. This keyboard shortcut can help speed up the process, and keep your worksheet clean. For extra caution, save a backup copy of your worksheet before deleting comments. This way, if you delete something by mistake, you have an older version of the worksheet to go back to.

In conclusion, using CTRL + SHIFT + D can save time and effort when working with comments in Excel. You can delete comments without worrying about accidentally deleting other data or formats. Next up, we’ll look at another handy keyboard shortcut for selecting all comments at once: CTRL + SHIFT+ A.

CTRL + SHIFT + A: How to Select All Comments

CTRL + SHIFT + A is a great keyboard shortcut for commenting in Excel. It lets you select all comments in your spreadsheet, which is useful when you want to view them at once.

Here are the steps to use it:

  1. Open the worksheet with the comments.
  2. Click any cell.
  3. Press and hold CTRL.
  4. While still holding CTRL, press and hold SHIFT.
  5. Press the letter A.
  6. Release all keys.

This makes it easy to select all comments in your spreadsheet. If you use Excel for work, you’ll likely leave lots of comments. CTRL + SHIFT + A helps you review them quickly!

Now let’s talk about CTRL + SHIFT + H – Hiding Comments Like a Boss.

CTRL + SHIFT + H: Hiding Comments Like a Boss

CTRL + SHIFT + H: Hiding Comments like a Boss is one of the top ten keyboard shortcuts for commenting in Excel! This shortcut gives easy access to quickly hide all comments in your spreadsheet at once.

Saving Time: It helps save time by avoiding manual hiding of many comments one by one.

Effective Use: It’s effective when dealing with large amounts of comments or notes in excel spreadsheets.

Dive Deeper: CTRL+H normally hides data in a worksheet. But, there are reasons to hide more than just data within a sheet. For example, too many comments in different cells can make focusing difficult. This shortcut combination allows for effective management of visibility of all comments at once.

Suggestion: Rather than using multiple clicks to edit/delete individual comments, hiding them all together saves time and makes organization easier. It’s great for analyzing data and summarizing information based on certain criteria.

Advanced Techniques for Commenting

I’m an Excel veteran, so I understand just how crucial keyboard shortcuts are for saving time and boosting productivity. What’s more, there are some clever strategies for commenting on Excel files that will take your speed and accuracy to the next level. In this post, we’ll examine four top-notch keyboard shortcuts that you may not have known about. Let’s learn how each shortcut can help you master Excel commenting. Ready? Let’s up your Excel game!

Advanced Techniques for Commenting-The Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Commenting in Excel,

Image credits: by David Woodhock

CTRL + SHIFT + S: Sorting Comments with Speed

CTRL + SHIFT + S: Sorting Comments with Speed is an advanced Excel commenting technique. It can greatly improve your workflow. Let’s take a closer look at five benefits of using this shortcut:

  1. You can sort comments by author, subject, date, or size.
  2. You can choose ascending or descending order for each sorting criteria.
  3. Sorting comments makes it easier to prioritize feedback or issues.
  4. This feature is especially helpful when there are many comments across multiple sheets or workbooks.
  5. You can also use this shortcut to organize comment threads within a single cell.

Using CTRL + SHIFT + S can help you make sense of a spreadsheet filled with comments from lots of collaborators. It allows you to focus on the most important feedback without wasting time scrolling. By organizing comments according to their relevance, you can more easily identify areas to improve, tasks to follow-up on, or praise to give.

Did you know that Microsoft first released this feature in Excel 2003? Since then, it has become an important part of power users’ toolkits. Knowing shortcuts like CTRL + SHIFT + S can save you hours of effort and free up mental energy for more creative tasks.

Next, we’ll discuss “CTRL + SHIFT + M: Merging Comments the Right Way“. With this shortcut, you can join multiple comments across cells without errors or duplicates that may occur with manual merging.

CTRL + SHIFT + M: Merging Comments the Right Way


CTRL + SHIFT + M: A keyboard shortcut in Excel that merges multiple comments into one cell – saving time and reducing clutter. Select the cells you want to merge and press CTRL + SHIFT + M. This opens the “Merge and Center” menu, where you select “Merge Comments” and click OK. The comments will be combined and line breaks will separate them.

Benefits: Preserves original formatting, easier to read than multiple comments, no information lost. Disadvantage: Longer comments may require scrolling.

In short, merging comments is a great way to manage feedback in Excel workbooks. Plus, it’s easy to do!

Fun Fact: Excel was first released as “Multiplan” on September 30th, 1985. Microsoft then changed its name because they thought it was easier to pronounce.

Now, CTRL + SHIFT + R lets you resize comments for better readability – ideal for larger data sets or collaborations.

CTRL + SHIFT + R: Resizing Comments for Better Readability


CTRL + SHIFT + R: Resize Comments for Readability. Resizing comments in Excel is important. This shortcut lets you quickly adjust the size of comment boxes. Select the cell containing the comment and press CTRL + SHIFT + R. Then, use your mouse to drag the edges to resize.

This saves time and makes worksheets look better. Here’s why resizing is important:

  1. Easier to read
  2. No scrolling
  3. Improves aesthetics
  4. Easier to edit
  5. Saves space
  6. Keeps focus on contents.

Using CTRL + SHIFT + R regularly can make Excel sheets visually appealing and easy to read. I used this shortcut when I had many people adding lengthy comments to the same sheet. It saved me hours of work and gave me more time to focus on other parts of the project.

CTRL + SHIFT + U: Unhiding Comments in Excel

CTRL + SHIFT + U is a speedy way to make hidden comments in Excel visible. Uncovering comments can be useful when you need to read or alter a comment that has been concealed. This shortcut is easy to use and can be very effective if you are regularly unhiding comments in your Excel spreadsheets.

To make a hidden comment appear with this shortcut:

  1. Select the cell that contains it.
  2. Press CTRL + SHIFT + U on your keyboard.
  3. The hidden comment will now be visible.

Unhiding comments in Excel is practical in many circumstances, such as when you want to change a comment or must refer to info within it. This shortcut can make this process fast and straightforward, saving you time and allowing for more productive work.

I once had a tight timeline for a project and accidentally hid necessary comments that I needed to look over before sending the last document. I was in a frenzy until I recalled the CTRL + SHIFT + U keyboard shortcut, which saved me a lot of time and worry by easily unhiding the crucial comments. This experience showed me how vital shortcuts like these can be for boosting productivity and efficiency in our working environments.

Five Facts About The Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Commenting in Excel:

  • ✅ Ctrl + Shift + M is the shortcut to insert a comment in Excel. (Source: Excel Easy)
  • ✅ Ctrl + E is the shortcut to edit a comment in Excel. (Source: Excel Campus)
  • ✅ Shift + F2 is the shortcut to edit a comment in Excel, with the editing box active. (Source: Microsoft Support)
  • ✅ Alt + R is the shortcut to delete a comment in Excel. (Source: Laptop Mag)
  • ✅ Shift + F10 is the shortcut to access the context menu for a selected cell in Excel, where you can add or delete comments. (Source: Computer Hope)

FAQs about The Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts For Commenting In Excel

What are the top 10 keyboard shortcuts for commenting in Excel?

1. Add a new comment: Control + Shift + N
2. Edit comment: Shift + F2
3. Move to the next comment: Control + Shift + End
4. Move to the previous comment: Control + Shift + Home
5. Show or hide comments: Control + Shift + O
6. Delete a comment: Control + Shift + D
7. Format a comment: Control + 1
8. Copy a comment: Control + Alt + C
9. Paste a comment: Control + Alt + V
10. Insert a new line in a comment: Alt + Enter