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Excel Shortcut To Strike Through Text

Key Takeaway:

  • Excel shortcuts can save time and increase productivity. By utilizing shortcuts, users can quickly navigate and perform functions within Excel without having to use the mouse.
  • To strike through text in Excel, the shortcut is “Ctrl” + “5”. This can be useful for indicating completed tasks or removing outdated information from spreadsheets.
  • Advanced Excel shortcuts include those for copying and pasting, finding and replacing, and formatting. Knowing and utilizing these shortcuts can further increase efficiency and streamline Excel usage.

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to quickly strike through text in Excel? Look no further because we have the perfect shortcut for you! With just a few clicks, you can easily improve the efficiency of your work.

Overview of Excel Shortcuts

Excel is a great tool that we all use to analyze data. But with so many features, it’s hard to remember them all. So, let’s get an intro to Excel shortcuts! We’ll look at how they help you work faster within the program. Plus, we’ll explore the benefits of using them. We’ll see real-life examples of how shortcuts save time and make you more productive. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced Excel user or a newbie – don’t miss this deep dive into one of the most useful tools!

Overview of Excel Shortcuts-Excel Shortcut to Strike Through Text,

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Introduction to Excel Shortcuts

Do you work with Excel? Knowing a few shortcuts can save you tons of time and boost your efficiency! Let’s explore how!

You can maximize productivity with Excel keyboard shortcuts. Here are 6 to get you started:

  • Excel has hundreds of keyboard shortcuts for tasks like cutting, pasting, selecting text, and formatting data.
  • They usually require pressing two or more keys together or in sequence.
  • Certain keyboard combos won’t work on all versions of Excel or operating systems.
  • You can find relevant shortcuts quickly and easily with online resources.
  • Using keyboard shortcuts lowers the risk of repetitive strain injuries.
  • Single-letter shortcut keys combined with others can create powerful formulas!

Benefits of utilizing Excel shortcuts:

  • Save time.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Reduce mouse use.
  • Create a better experience.

Benefits of Utilizing Excel Shortcuts

Utilizing Excel shortcuts can lead to increased productivity, time-saving, and ease of use. By learning and using these keyboard shortcuts, you can reduce the time it takes to perform actions.

Benefits of Excel Shortcuts:

  • Improved efficiency: Streamline workflow and complete tasks faster.
  • Better accuracy: Less prone to errors.
  • Simplicity: Easy to learn with just a few keystrokes.
  • Ease of access: Faster than scrolling through pages or documents.

Using Excel shortcuts saves time and eliminates the need to refer back to menus or dialog boxes. Plus, when working on a shared computer that has limited mouse gesture control & customization options available, these shortcuts are helpful. So, it is recommended to get familiarized with commonly used Excel shortcuts. If used correctly and consistently over a period of time, users will develop muscle memory for some widely endorsed commands.

To strike through text in Excel, use the following shortcut keys:


  1. Windows users: Press Alt+H+S then press P key
  2. Mac Users: Press ⌘ + Shift + X

These small tweaks can be useful when tracking multiple projects and acting upon them quickly. Remember these shortcuts to smash project deadlines ahead of everyone else!

Excel Shortcut to Strike Through Text

I’m an Excel enthusiast and always searching for ways to make my work faster. Striking through text in Excel is a task I often do – although small, it can be time-consuming when done manually. Fortunately, there’s an Excel shortcut to help. In this part, I’ll explain how to use it and show you how to quickly strike through text in your spreadsheets.

Excel Shortcut to Strike Through Text-Excel Shortcut to Strike Through Text,

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How to Access The Excel Shortcut

To access the Excel shortcut to strike through text, follow these 6 easy steps!

  1. First, open Excel and go to the cell containing the text.
  2. Highlight the text by dragging your cursor.
  3. Press “Ctrl” and “1” on your keyboard.
  4. You’ll see the Format Cells dialogue box.
  5. Click the “Font” tab at the top.
  6. Tick the “Strikethrough” box and click “OK.”

This shortcut can be useful when editing spreadsheets or marking important info as complete or outdated. Save time with keyboard shortcuts like this one. It may take some practice, but it’s worth it!

Overall, accessing the Excel shortcut is fast and simple, making spreadsheet editing more efficient. We’ll look at different applications of this technique in the next section.

Application of Excel Shortcut

Want to use an Excel shortcut for striking through text? Follow these 5 steps:

  1. Highlight the cell or text range you want to strike through.
  2. Press Ctrl+1 on your keyboard to open the Format Cells dialog box.
  3. Click on the Font tab.
  4. Under Effects, check the box next to Strikethrough.
  5. Press OK and it’s done!

This shortcut saves time and boosts efficiency when managing data. Pro tip: use the fill handle feature (the small black square in the bottom right corner) to quickly apply strikethrough formatting to multiple cells at once. Select the cell with strikethrough formatting, click and drag the fill handle, and release.

Using Excel Shortcut for Striking Through Text is great for large spreadsheets with many entries. Incorporate shortcuts into your workflow for a streamlined data entry process with improved productivity.

Utilizing Excel Shortcut for Striking Through Text


Select cells with text to strike through. Right-click and click “Format Cells.” Go to the “Font” tab. Tick the Strikeout checkbox. Click ‘OK’ to apply. Alternatively, use Command + 5 (Mac) or Ctrl + 5 (Windows).

Excel Shortcut for Striking Through Text is useful. It saves time, effort and manual inserting. It only works within the same sheet, not across multiple sheets. This feature originated from proofreading paper documents with red lines.

Explore Advanced Excel Shortcuts for more efficient results! We’ll be discussing this soon.

Advanced Excel Shortcuts

Tired of spending ages formatting an Excel worksheet? Me too! Let’s discover some advanced Excel shortcuts to save time and be more productive. Copy-paste shortcuts, finding and replacing data, and formatting shortcuts to quickly apply styles and changes to data sets – I’ll guide you through it all! Ready? Let’s dive in!

Advanced Excel Shortcuts-Excel Shortcut to Strike Through Text,

Image credits: by Yuval Woodhock

Shortcuts for Copy and Paste

Here is a guide to use shortcuts for copy and paste in 3 simple steps:

  1. To copy: Select the content, press “Ctrl + C“.
  2. To cut: Select the content you want to move, press “Ctrl + X“.
  3. To paste: Go to the cell, press “Ctrl + V“.

More advanced shortcuts are available too. Press “Ctrl + Alt + V” to open the Paste Special dialog box. This lets you pick which part of the copied information to keep. Also, press “Ctrl + ;” to insert the current date into a selected cell.

These shortcuts save time when dealing with large amounts of data in Excel. Microsoft Office Specialist reports that employees who use these shortcuts are up to 10% more productive.

Let’s learn another set of shortcuts – Shortcuts for Find and Replace.

Shortcuts for Find and Replace


Press “Ctrl + F” to open the Find and Replace box. Type in the word or phrase you want to find. Then, press “Alt + A” to select “Replace All”. Or, press “Enter” to manually approve each replacement.

Another shortcut is “Ctrl + H“. It takes you straight to the Replace option. Wildcards let you search for patterns of text, so you can find and replace multiple occurrences of a character or word.

Do you know when Excel first appeared? Microsoft released it in 1985, made for Mac OS. Later versions also worked with Windows. Since then, Excel has been popular with professionals who need to manage complex data sets.

Formatting Shortcuts are another set of tools. They help you save time while working on spreadsheets.

Formatting Shortcuts

Choose the cell or range of cells you want to format. Press Ctrl + 1 or right-click and select “Format Cells…“. A dialog box will appear. From here, you can choose font type, size and color, horizontal and vertical alignment, and background color for cells.

Press Ctrl + b or click the Bold icon in the ribbon to make text or numbers bold. Press Ctrl + i or click the Italic icon in the ribbon for italics. To underline text, press Ctrl + u or click the Underline icon in the ribbon.

Remember, there are other formatting shortcuts. Alt + H FH SCN creates a strikethrough effect. To change font colors, press Alt + H FC ACC.

Excel’s Formatting Shortcuts increase efficiency and accuracy! Professionals dealing with large amounts of data management can benefit from these tips and tricks. Maximize your productivity in this technological world!

Recap of Excel Shortcuts

Recap of Excel Shortcuts can refresh your knowledge on essential shortcuts. Here’s a step-by-step guide and tips to understand these:

  1. Copy formulas/values from one cell to another? Select source cell then press Ctrl+C. Select destination cell(s) and press Ctrl+V.
  2. Undo an action? Press Ctrl+Z. This shortcut can be used multiple times.
  3. For quickly formatting cells for numbers, dates or times, select the cells and click ‘Number’ group under ‘Home’ tab.
  4. Press F4 key to repeat last used action.
  5. Navigate between worksheets fast? Press Ctrl + PageUp/ PageDown.
  6. Select an entire row? Press SHIFT+ Spacebar, and an entire column? CTRL + Spacebar.

Practicing these shortcuts will help you memorize them so you don’t need to rely much on tabs and menus. Listen when people share their experiences with shortcuts keys, they may have discovered useful tips.

Pro Tip: Customize Keyboard Shortcuts or create custom ones for frequently used Features. Click ‘Customize Ribbon’ & select ‘Keyboard shortcuts’.

Advantages of Excel Shortcuts

By employing Excel shortcuts, you can do tasks faster than traditional methods. You’ll become more productive and make the task easier, too.

Navigation is also improved with Excel shortcuts. It’s much simpler to jump between sheets and cells without having to click and scroll.

Excel shortcuts can provide an additional layer of quality checks, too. Humans are prone to errors during manual data entry, so using shortcuts can help reduce these errors.

I had a colleague who used to use regular accounting packages. But after using Microsoft Excel and its shortcuts, their job became exponentially easier!

Five Facts About Excel Shortcut to Strike Through Text:

  • ✅ The Excel shortcut to strike through text is “Ctrl” + “5”. (Source: Microsoft Excel Help)
  • ✅ Strike through formatting is usually used to indicate something is no longer relevant or required. (Source: Excel Easy)
  • ✅ The shortcut works on both Windows and Mac versions of Excel. (Source: Excel Campus)
  • ✅ You can also apply the strike through formatting through the ‘Font’ tab under ‘Home’ in the Excel ribbon. (Source: Exceljet)
  • ✅ The shortcut can also be used to remove strike through formatting from text. (Source: Excel Off the Grid)

FAQs about Excel Shortcut To Strike Through Text

What is the Excel Shortcut to Strike Through Text?

The Excel shortcut to strike through text is a keyboard shortcut that allows you to quickly cross out or strike through a selected text in Microsoft Excel.

How do I use the Excel Shortcut to Strike Through Text?

To use the Excel shortcut to strike through text, first select the text that you want to strike through. Then, press the “Ctrl” and “5” keys on your keyboard at the same time. The selected text will be crossed out or struck through.

Can I customize the Excel Shortcut to Strike Through Text?

Yes, you can customize the Excel shortcut to strike through text by going to the “File” tab, selecting “Options,” then “Customize Ribbon,” and finally “Keyboard Shortcuts.” From there, you can search for the “Strikethrough” command and assign a new keyboard shortcut.

What is the benefit of using the Excel Shortcut to Strike Through Text?

The benefit of using the Excel shortcut to strike through text is that it allows you to quickly and easily mark items as complete or finished without needing to manually cross out or delete the text.

Is the Excel Shortcut to Strike Through Text reversible?

Yes, the Excel shortcut to strike through text is reversible. To undo the strikethrough, simply select the text again and press the “Ctrl” and “5” keys on your keyboard at the same time.

Does the Excel Shortcut to Strike Through Text work in other Microsoft Office programs?

Yes, the Excel shortcut to strike through text also works in other Microsoft Office programs such as Word and PowerPoint.