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The Top 5 Ways To Add Comments In Excel

Key Takeaway:

  • Adding comments in Excel can enhance collaboration and communication among users. Using comments in Excel requires proper understanding and management.
  • The “Insert Comment” feature is a simple way to attach comments to cells in an Excel spreadsheet, making it easier to provide context to other users. Learn how to edit and delete comments using this feature.
  • Another quick way to add comments in Excel is through the right-click menu. Understanding how to add, edit, and delete comments using this feature can save time and improve your Excel skills.
  • The Review tab is a powerful tool for commenting on Excel spreadsheets. It allows you to manage and organize comments from different users effectively.
  • Mastering keyboard shortcuts is essential to maximizing Excel efficiency. Learn how to add, edit, and delete comments using keyboard shortcuts for a faster Excel experience.

If you’re having difficulty managing data in Excel, you’re not alone. Let us show you the top 5 ways to add comments in Excel and make data management easier than ever!

How to Add and Manage Comments in Excel

Comments in Excel are great for giving extra info or context about data. Learning how to add and manage comments in Excel is a useful skill for complex spreadsheets. Here are the steps:

  1. Right-click on the cell where you want to add a comment and select “Insert Comment.” You can also use the “Review” tab from the ribbon.
  2. To delete, right-click on the cell and select “Delete Comment,” or press Delete on your keyboard. To edit, hover over the comment and click on the red triangle at its top-right corner.
  3. Then, you can reply to someone else’s comment by hovering cursor-wise until you see options above the text box – one of which is ‘Reply’.

Using identifying markers like colors when reviewing larger cuts of data can help quickly indicate meanings. Knowing how to manage comments is crucial; a co-worker changed something in an Excel spreadsheet without considering others’ input and it was irreversible due to assigned permissions elsewhere.

In conclusion, understanding how to add and manage comments in Excel is essential for anyone working with spreadsheets.

Tips for Using Comments in Excel

Curious about “Tips for Using Comments in Excel“? Here’s what you need to know! Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make adding comments simpler and more efficient.

  1. First, use comments to provide context to your data. Keep them clear and concise. Color-coding can help differentiate types of information.
  2. Second, use the “@” symbol when tagging someone. This is useful in team settings – allowing direct communication with certain individuals.
  3. Third, don’t be afraid to use formatting options. For example, bold important words, italicize key points, or even use emojis! This makes comments stand out and easier to read.

So, there you have it! Keep these best practices in mind for using comments effectively and communicating better. Start practicing on simple worksheets before applying them to complex projects. That way it’s much easier to get the hang of it.

Using the Insert Comment Feature

As an Excel expert, I understand the struggle of deciphering a complex spreadsheet. To make data analysis easier, comments are a great way to organize and simplify! Let’s explore the insert comment feature. First, we’ll see how to use it to insert a comment. Then, we’ll delve into a more advanced approach and learn how to edit and delete comments. After this section, you’ll know how to utilize the insert comment feature for better control of your spreadsheets.

Using the Insert Comment Feature-The Top 5 Ways to Add Comments in Excel,

Image credits: by Yuval Arnold

Inserting a Comment with the Insert Comment Feature

To use the Insert Comment Feature, select the cell where you want to add your comment. Then:

  1. Go to the “Review” tab on the ribbon menu and click on “New Comment” or right-click on the cell and click on “Insert Comment”.
  2. Type or copy-paste your comments into the comment box.
  3. Click away from the comment box or press Enter/Return key.
  4. Hover over the corner of the cell containing the added comment. You will see a small red triangle near it.

Hovering over this triangle or clicking inside a cell containing comments will open its content without modifying it. This feature is useful when collaborating on projects with multiple contributors, as feedback may be required often.

A useful tip is to review and revise comments regularly. Goals may change during a project’s life cycle, so comments may become irrelevant or outdated. Edited comments help keep datasets concise and relevant.

Now that you know how to use the Insert Comment Feature, let’s look at Editing and Deleting Comments with it.

Editing and Deleting Comments with the Insert Comment Feature


The Insert Comment Feature is great for tracking changes in spreadsheets. It makes collaboration between team members easier, as everyone can add comments to cells without having to type out long explanations. Plus, teammates who are not familiar with the spreadsheet can quickly get an idea of what is being discussed in the comments.

This feature also helps to efficiently analyze data when working with large spreadsheets. For example, I once used it while creating a budget spreadsheet with my colleagues. We could express our reasoning clearly and quickly, which allowed us to finish the task on time.

Right-clicking on a cell provides a simpler way to insert, edit, or delete comments than using the ribbon. This saves time and gives quick access to the necessary options you need for reviewing and modifying comments.

Using the Right-Click Menu

Are you an Excel user? Struggling to share your thoughts on a particular cell or data point without disrupting the entire spreadsheet? No need to worry! There are easy and efficient ways to add comments to your Excel files without causing interference.

Using the right-click menu is one of them. Here, I will demonstrate how to benefit from the right-click menu to add comments to your data in Excel. We’ll look at two methods: adding comments with the right-click menu, and editing and deleting comments with the right-click menu.

Let’s get started and learn how to add comments effortlessly!

Using the Right-Click Menu-The Top 5 Ways to Add Comments in Excel,

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Adding Comments with the Right-Click Menu

To quickly add a comment, select a cell or range of cells, right-click and select ‘Insert Comment’. Or, use the shortcut keys SHIFT + F2.

Type your comment in the small text box that appears. Change the formatting from the Review tab, like font style and colors, or add bullets.

Navigate from one cell to another with CTRL+SHIFT+A. Hide multiple comments together using CTRL and SHIFT+L.

Adding Comments with the Right-Click Menu is great when you need to add reminders without disrupting the layout. It saves time, as you don’t need to navigate through different toolbars.

I used it in an Inventor management spreadsheet and added comments on row changes so team members were updated in real-time.

Let’s learn how to Edit and Delete Comments with The Right-click Menu!

Editing and Deleting Comments with the Right-Click Menu

The first way to edit or delete a comment? Select ‘Edit Comment’ from the right-click menu. This will open the comment for editing. Once done, click outside the comment to save changes.

Another option? ‘Show/Hide Comment.’ This allows you to show or hide all comments within a sheet without affecting data.

Need to copy text from one comment and paste it somewhere else? Right-click on the original cell’s comment box. Select ‘Copy.’ Now use Ctrl + V or paste option under Home tab.

Finally, delete a comment with ‘delete’ button after selection of delete prompt, just like general file deletion protocol.

Using Editing and Deleting Comments with the Right-Click Menu saves time and increases productivity.

Many users are unaware of this feature or how to use it. But once mastered, it can be used every day. Easier to update and add comments directly onto Excel sheets, without interrupting work-flow. Stress decreases in both big-bed corporations and small businesses.

In addition to Editing and Deleting Comments with the Right-Click Menu, the Review Tab can help manage them effectively. A topic we’ll move onto next.

Using the Review Tab

When conversing about Excel spreadsheets, adding comments is an immensely advantageous technique for keeping tabs on changes, updates or ideas about the data. The most practical way of adding comments in Excel is by using the Review tab. We’ll explore the diverse comment options it offers. From commenting on spreadsheets to managing and organizing them, we’ll discuss tips and tricks for creating understandable comment threads. This will make teaming up simpler than ever!

Using the Review Tab-The Top 5 Ways to Add Comments in Excel,

Image credits: by David Jones

Commenting on Excel Spreadsheets with the Review Tab


Select the cell or range of cells you want to add a comment to. Go to the “Review” tab and click “New Comment”. A text box will open for typing in your comment.

If you wish to edit a comment, hover over it and click the pop-up box. Select “Edit Comment” and change the content.

To reply to someone’s comment, hover over it and click the pop-up box. Select “Reply” and type in your message in the text box.

When several comments overlap in the same cell or range of cells, go to the “Review” tab. Click “Show All Comments” to display them in a separate window.

You can format comments with bold, italics, underline, etc. You can also add hyperlinks or attach files.

Be sure to write comments clearly and without technical jargon. Avoid confidential info, as anyone with access to the file can see them.

Managing Comments with the Review Tab

  1. Choose the cell you’d like to add a comment to.
  2. Look for the “Review” tab at the top of your screen.
  3. Click “New Comment” in the “Comments” group.
  4. Type your comment in the box that appears next to the cell.
  5. Once you’re done, exit the comment box.
  6. To view or edit a comment, simply click on the cell containing the comment. Then, click on “Edit Comment” in the “Comments” group.

Managing comments is important. You can delete unneeded comments by selecting them and clicking “Delete Comment”. If someone else adds a comment, you can reply by selecting their comment and clicking “Reply”.

Customizing comment settings is available via the “Review” tab in the “Comments” group. You can adjust font size, color, and style.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts is also an option for people who want quick access. Shortcuts help save time.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Tired of wasting time moving your mouse all over Excel just to add comments to cells? No worries – using keyboard shortcuts will save lots of time and hassle. Let’s go over the top keyboard shortcuts you need to know to add and manage comments. First, find out how to add comments with keyboard shortcuts. Then, discover how to edit and delete comments with simple keystrokes. Master these easy-to-learn shortcuts and you’ll be able to zip through your work and make sure your comments are where they should be.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts-The Top 5 Ways to Add Comments in Excel,

Image credits: by Adam Washington

Adding Comments with Keyboard Shortcuts

To add comments to Excel effectively, here are some tips:

  • Select a cell and press “Shift” + “F2” on the keyboard.
  • Write your comment and press “Enter” to confirm.
  • To edit the comment, use the same shortcut.

By using these shortcuts, you can add and edit comments without touching the mouse. You can keep working while adding comments for future reference or collaboration with your team.

Also, you can assign your own shortcut key combination. Go to “Ribbon“, choose “Review “, click on “New Comment” button. Then right-click and click “Add to Quick Access Toolbar“. To access this function, go to the quick access toolbar.

Pro Tip: Add more than just text to the comment box. Use formulas or hyperlinks that link back to other important information in the worksheet. This will provide more detail and help you or others understand why the information was entered. This will also reduce follow-up queries.

Editing and Deleting Comments with Keyboard Shortcuts.


Shift + F2 is one way to edit a comment. Select the cell, and a dialog box will appear. Or, double-click the cell for direct editing.

To delete a comment, press Shift + F10 or right-click the cell and select Delete Comment. Ctrl + Shift + O removes all comments from a worksheet.

Alt + R followed by E is for author initials, and Alt + R followed by F is for font formatting options. This makes editing comments quicker.

Using these keyboard shortcuts can save time and make working with comments easier. My colleague finished his project ahead of schedule by using them. He was able to focus on other tasks and meet his project deadline.

Five Facts About The Top 5 Ways to Add Comments in Excel:

  • ✅ You can add a comment to a cell by selecting the cell and clicking “Insert Comment.” (Source: Microsoft Excel Help)
  • ✅ Another way to add a comment is by right-clicking on the cell and selecting “Insert Comment.” (Source: Microsoft Excel Help)
  • ✅ In Excel, you can add comments to individual cells or to a group of cells at once. (Source: Excel Easy)
  • ✅ You can edit and delete comments in Excel by right-clicking on the cell and selecting an option from the menu. (Source: Excel Campus)
  • ✅ Adding comments to an Excel worksheet can improve collaboration and provide context for future reference. (Source:

FAQs about The Top 5 Ways To Add Comments In Excel

What are the top 5 ways to add comments in Excel?

There are several ways to add comments to cells in Excel, but the top 5 most effective ways are:

  1. Using the “Review” tab and selecting “New Comment”
  2. Right-clicking on the cell and selecting “Insert Comment”
  3. Using the keyboard shortcut “Shift+F2”
  4. Using VBA code to add comments programmatically
  5. Using third-party Excel add-ins or tools specifically designed for commenting

Can I customize the appearance of comments in Excel?

Yes, Excel allows you to customize the appearance of comments. You can change font size, color, and style, adjust the size and color of the comment box, and even add images or hyperlinks to comments.

Can I print comments along with the worksheet in Excel?

Yes, you can print comments along with the worksheet in Excel. To do this, go to “Page Setup” and check the box next to “Print Comments” under the “Sheet” tab.

Can I copy and paste comments in Excel?

Yes, you can copy and paste comments in Excel. To do this, select the cell with the comment, right-click and select “Copy”, then select the target cell and right-click and select “Paste”.

How can I delete comments in Excel?

There are several ways to delete comments in Excel. You can right-click on the cell with the comment and select “Delete Comment”, select the cell and click “Delete” on your keyboard, or use the “Review” tab and click “Delete” in the “Comments” section.

Is there a way to view all comments in Excel at once?

Yes, you can view all comments in Excel at once by going to the “Review” tab and clicking “Show All Comments”. This will display all comments in a separate window where you can easily review and edit them.